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The house at the Playing Fields Road

Michael Tang (Tang Chun Pak) descends from a traditional Kung Fu family. Born in the beginning of the 1950ies in the Playing Fields Road in Hong Kong, he also married thereat. His both parents, the father in 1977 and the mother in 1980, passed away there. Afterwards his granduncle Tang Yik moved in there.

1968 - at the age of 17 - Michael Tang learned the Wing Chun (永春) from his granduncle Tang Yik. Before he had not made any experience in martial arts. While the semester break '68 he acquired the knowledge about the Wing Chun and build the basis of his ken by daily three hours practicing the wooden dummy, followed by longpole exercise and between three and four hours of running the form. Within one year he learned the Wing Chun and states with a smile: "I exercise the Wing Chun meanwhile for more than 40 years."

Later he additionally learned further forms like White Crane¹, Baat Gua Longpole, Chin Woo while his time at the university, the foundation of the Eagle Claw, the Tai Ji (Yang- and Wu-Style) and Tai Hoi (Wudang).

The family-internal tradition of longpole and spear techniques go back over 250 years. Famous is the Luk Dim Bun Gwan (6.5 longpole) of the Tang Family. In the course of years his granduncle Tang Yik brought together all the information about the Wing Chun of the Tang Family, he has made 8mm footage of all hand forms, of the wooden dummy set and of the longpole dummy set, as well as an audio-recording about the families history. He also archived the development history of the Siu Lam Wing Chun. At the age of 80 Tang Yik passed away. Shorty before his death he handed over his collected store of knowledge to his students Kong Chack Cheung and Michael Tang, the sources and with that his life's work.

After that time the "worst time" of his life should beginn for Michael Tang. Because unfortunately Kong Chack Cheung died at a car accident in Canada. Michael Tang was working hard as a designer at this time, there was lots of work and narrow deadlines. He only learned the Wing Chun for himself. He knew, if he also would die now, everything would be lost, the history of the Tang Family and therefore also its heritage. In this way Sifu Michael Tang became the Zung Si (宗師, Master of the lineage) of the Tang Family and today he carries the heritage further into the future.

Thus he made a decision and thought the Wing Chun for the first time. His first student was the son of a fellow worker. In accordance to the bond within the Tang Family, not to sell the art, make no profit with it, only to use for the good, an not to change for greed and barter away, Sifu Michael Tang today teaches in a small group in private atmosphere, to that a fistful students from out of China is allowed to count to.

¹ It is about the White Crane "Bai He", not to be confused with the martial art of Yong Chun Bai He, that originates from the village Yong Chun.

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