Maximilian Kraft

Sifu Max Kraft

Kung Fu (功夫), especially Wing Chun (永春), means eternal practice for me, like the meaning of the chinese character 永.

As an educationalist and budo pedagogue I'm specifically interested in: practical methodes of teaching and studying, functionality of the human body, as well as in effective practice methodes to convey martial art and philosophy with more comprehension.

With my 27 years I've collected a lot of sports experience, such as ice hockey, ju jutsu and table tennis to evolve my fighting spirit already.

With Wing Chun, I found something where all comes together: because daily practicing of martial art and meditation affects positively the everyday life through physical health and more serenity in my thinking and acting. I want to go the way of the martial art (武道) until the end of my life, to find inner peace therefore and to plant peace in the world.

In our school I teach Wing Chun as a Sifu. Wing Chun inspires me every day anew, which not at least is dued to the public-spirited and open minded group at school. The focus is on joint experiences of pushing the envelope in overcoming these limits and enable physical and mental growth.

„Stay tuned!“ is my device, because lifelong everlasting practice means to motivate yourself every day anew. No matter what happens. Thereby the two most important constants are continuousness and sereneness.

Maximilian Kraft

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