Marius Sprenger

Marius Sprenger

Since September 2011 I train here. I came here and found a small group of different nice people practicing together. Immediately I felt at home. Time after time I noticed that things were different here than in the other martial arts schools or groups I knew. It was more human, familiar and somehow more natural. There is no teaching where you go to, work down your exercise and disappear. You train together, learn together and help each other, even drinking coffee, still maintaining and going home relaxed and with a smile in your face. It's more of a common project to which everyone can participate who is willing to get involved and that makes it special.

I really enjoy training, Wing Chun as well as Chi Kung, because I can redefine myself over and over. In my opinion it is the best way to cultivate my mind and my body while trying to perfect my movements. It is the permanent task to improve every day, even only a small piece, which gives you a direction in life. And also it`s fun!

Should I describe our school in one word it would be: much

I`ve learned much, laughed much, found much friends and still have much to do.

Marius Sprenger

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