While Jip Man (葉問) was practicing the Wing Chun of the Loeng Zaan Family, which goes back, as it's told, to a nun called Ng Mui as founder of the style, the Siu Lam Wing Chun has its roots in the Buddhist Shaolin temple. When it was destroyed some of the monks could flee. They were looking for...

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Often students are only allowed to walk on the floor of the practice room if they are equipped with the logo and the lettering of the association. As we are a free school and do not belong to any association, it is the free choice of every single one, whether he wants to support us also in other...

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You are looking for a free school of Wing Chun? The training is structured in a way that getting in is always possible, for all ages, with or without prior knowledge. You are welcome to join us for a trial training. To enroll you can call us +49 30 20662228 or use the contact form. We respond...

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So if you're interested in learning how to hurt other people, you're wrong here. In Siu Lam Wing Chun and in our school in Berlin it is to keep the body healthy, to have fun to move, to focus the mind, to meet nice people and to learn an effective form of self-defense.

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The curriculum of the Berlin School of Siu Lam Wing Chun is based on the Wing Chun of Fung Siu Cing, Tang Family, Lo Family and Pak Cheung. Starting from Hong Kong the families attained great fame in the whole world during the middle of the last century.  Less well known is that Tang Syun already...

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Das Curriculum der berlin siu lam wing chun pai

Ci Sau

The Ci Sau (黐手, Sticky Hands) is an elementary component to develop the correct body posture, tension and dynamics. Nowadays, as a first step, we... Read more

Muk Jan Zong

The Muk Jan Zong (木人樁) is the training device, if no partner is available. The name means "Wooden Man Stake" (Wooden Dummy). We practice the Wooden... Read more

Soeng Gung

The Soeng Gung (雙工) is the second handform of the Wing Chun branch of the Tang Family. The name means "Double Work". It combines foot work and hand... Read more
Who is Who

The Who is Who of berlin siu lam wing chun pai

Bettina Pela

I exercise Chi Kung and Wing Chun since many years. Thereby quite different persons where my teachers. Since a number of years I guide groups by... Read more

Peter Scholz

My name is Peter Scholz and I'm the founder of the Berlin School for Siu Lam Wing Chun. 1997 I started to learn the Kung Fu, since 2007 I teach by... Read more

Maximilian Kraft

Kung Fu (功夫), especially Wing Chun (永春), means eternal practice for me, like the meaning of the chinese character 永. As an educationalist and budo... Read more

The history of Siu Lam Wing Chun in 24 chapters

Chapter 2

San Gam (新錦) helped Fung Siu Cing (馮小青) to hand in resignation to the shop owner Siu Kyun¹ (蕭權) and took him back to the Red Boat², to be San´s... Read more

Chapter 3

San Gam (新錦) was the apprentice of Wong Waa Bou (黄華寶). When San learnt opera on the Red Boat, Wong still had the practicing installation, thus he... Read more
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