Chapter 3

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San Gam (新錦) was the apprentice of Wong Waa Bou (黄華寶). When San learnt opera on the Red Boat, Wong still had the practicing installation, thus he passed this Kung Fu (功夫) to San. At one time, Loeng Ji Dai (梁二娣) was the boatman on the same boat as San. Therefore San took the opportunity to please Loeng to teach him Luk Dim Bun Gwan (六點半棍). After getting Loeng´s guidance, San practiced with the Gwan Zong (棍樁, Longpole Dummy) persistently whenever he found spare time on the Red Boat. He therefore got great advancement.

Since San Gam took Fung Siu Cing (馮小青) as his protégé, San taught him Wing Chun Kyun (永春拳) on the Red Boat. During the following six years, Fung was keen in martial arts practice but he was not interested in the performing technique of Cantonese Opera. He did not succeed in singing, walking techniques, hand movements nor distinctive facial expressions. Hence he could only play some low status soldier roles and had chance to come on stage only when fighting scenes were on. However, San was very fond of him. Knowing Fung’s aspiration and interest, San did not force him to learn opera. San continued to teach Fung Wing Chun Kyun and let him work as his attendant. Fung helped at the back stage folding San’s costumes, and came on stage only at fighting scenes. Soldier was an unimportant role and thus wage was not high. As the Red Boat´s regulation, the contract of learning opera was three years. After then, the masters would take their apprentices on stage in the following three years, as to repay the masters and to complete the contract. The apprentices then would be free to work for themselves.

Fung Siu Cing achieved very little in performing arts, only played as soldier at low wage. During those six years, Fung concentrated only in Kung Fu. He devoted to San and worked diligently and carefully, and did not complain about the low wage. San knew as well that Fung would have difficulty to develop a career in the troupe. Nevertheless, Fung had achieved such an impressive accomplishment in Wushu (武術), he could become a giant master. San did not want to stifle Fung’s real talent, so he honestly told Fung his opinion. He told Fung that, he had great achievement in Wushu already, and it was not easy to compete in troupe. Therefore, he persuaded Fung to leave the Red Boat, and change to develop his career in martial arts. San also urged Fung to carry forward Wing Chun Kyun. Fung agreed with his master San. Hence Fung took his advice and left the Red Boat, and looked for chance in the field of Wushu.

Fung Siu Cing’s hometown was Naam Hoi (南海). At that time, the King Faa Guild¹ (瓊花會館) at Foshan (佛山) was burnt down and Baat Wo Guild (八和會館) was not yet set up in Guangzhou (廣州). The Red Boats usually anchored at Foshan and Fung had been there many times. He became a friend of Dung Jip Hing (董業卿), the owner of Lyun Coeng Faa Hung Shop² (聯昌花紅店) at Faa Hung Street (花紅街). After leaving the Red Boat, Fung decided to pay Dung a visit. Dung had two sons, named Dung Zik (董植) at the age of 18 and Dung Leon (董倫) aged 16. The two brothers loved martial arts and their father sent them to a Hung Kyun (洪拳) master in the city of Anning (安寧市). They learnt three years and could master a complete set of Ng Jing Kuen (五形拳, five forms fist fighting). They told their father that, two to three persons together would not even be their opponent.

When Fung arrived at Lyun Coeng Faa Hung Shop, he told Dung Jip Hing that he had left the Red Boat and his master San Gam wanted him to carry forward Wing Chun Kyun. He therefore wanted to set up a martial arts school in Foshan.

When Dung Jip Hing heard this, he said: „What you learn is also the martial art of Wing Chun? At present, there is a master called Loeng Zaan (梁贊), who teaches Wing Chun Kyun too. He learnt Wing Chun Kuen (永春拳) from his uncle Loeng Gwok On (梁國安), whose wife was Jim Wing Ceon (嚴詠春). Jim Wing Ceon was the daughter of Jim Ji Gung (嚴二公) from Jiangxi (江西) and he was the apprentice of Zen Master Zi Sin (至善禪師). When Loeng Gwok On went to Jiangxi, he married into Jim Wing Ceon’s family. Thus he learnt Wing Chun Kyun from both his father-in-law and his beloved wife. After the death of Jim Ji Gung, Leung took his wife back to Guangdong and taught Loeng Zaan the fist fighting. Loeng Zaan is now running a Chinese medicine shop called Zaan Saang Tong Chinese Medicine Shop (贊生堂藥材店) at Foshan and he practices as a doctor. He does not teach Wing Chun Kyun openly. Beside teaching his own two sons, he only has one protégé called Chan Waa (陳華). Chan has a money exchange stall outside Zaan Saang Tong and people used to call him Money Exchanger Waa (找錢華). There is no one setting up a martial arts school and teach officially here.“

¹ The association was established by Cantonese opera artists

² The Lyun Coeng Faa Hung was a traditional Chinese comestic shop

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2. revised version.

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