Once Upon a Time in China...

Copy of a chapter that was published in the 1950ies/ 1960ies.

In the 1950ies/ 1960ies 24 Chapters were published about the development of Siu Lam Wing Chun Kyun (少林永春拳) in a martial arts magazine in Hong Kong. Known is, that the series was written by a martial arts insider, who was author of many specialist books. Unknown on the one hand is his name, on the other hand the name of the magazine. The knowledge about the source is more than poor, however we try to give our research a comprehensible framework. So we always search for further informations about the publisher. Maybe in this way the first and unfortunately lost chapter could be recovered.

We actually work on the German translation of the chapters 2 to 24. This is why we publish the chapters one by one.

The title "Once Upon a Time in China..." was elected by us.

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