Zong Kyun

Zong Kyun

The Zong Kyun (樁拳, Stake Fist) belongs to Fung Siu Cing. He taught this form amongst others to the brothers Dung (Dung Zik und Dung Leon) and to Tang Syun. Dung Zik taught the form to his students, amongst others to Zyu Zung Man and Taam Gong. Tang Syun taught the form to his son Tang Yik. Zyu Zung Man passed along three more forms of the martial art Faa Kyun to his personal students. However he emphasized that this is not Wing Chun, but another martial art.

Die Zong Kyun combines the hand technique of the Wing Chun Kyun with the footwork and the whole body strength. The orientation is frontal and sideward and force transmission as such as correct timing and the correct orientation are exercised. So the very fluid movements can be performed in a very explosive way.

In the West often modified forms of the Zong Kyun are taught, that even can contain parts of ground fighting. The originally form wich also was practiced in Dai Dak Lan however contains no ground fighting techniques, as usual in the Wing Chun. Furthermore there are no free parts requiring a choreography by the practitioner for himself.

With all our heart we want to teach the originally form, that is also still practiced in Hong Kong nowadays and to pass on the old Wing Chun in its unmodified, but lively manner.

In the following video Tang Yik shows the Zong Kyun

Peter Scholz in Berlin while practicing the Zong Kyun

zong1 kyun4 is the standardized form of the Roman transcription according to Jyutping Cantonese.
Further notations: Jong Kuen, Chong Kuen.

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