Soeng Gung

Soeng Gung

The Soeng Gung (雙工) is the second handform of the Wing Chun branch of the Tang Family. The name means "Double Work". It combines foot work and hand techniques and builds the foundation for the development of whole body strength. The permanent changing of the direction improves the orientation in space.

The form bases on the first handform  of the Tang Family, the Wing Chun Kyun. On the foundation of the Soeng Gung the Zong Kyun was developed by Fung Siu Cing. This can be seen in the similar execution and in the occasionally appearing identical sequences. The Soeng Gung is the exclusive hand form of the Tang Family.

The video shows GM Tang Yik while practicing the Soeng Gung in the Playing Fields Road No. 1, in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, in the 1980s. Many thanks to Sifu Michael Tang for the perpetuation of this art for future generations.

soeng1 gung1 is the standardized form of the Roman transcription according to Jyutping Cantonese.
Further notations: Sheung Kung

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