Daa Saam Sing

Daa Saam Sing

Daa Saam Sing (打三星) is an exercise to improve the sensibility of the arms and to connect hand techniques and foot work at the same time and to apply them at the correct angle and in the correct direction.

Saa Saam Sing means "Hitting Three Stars" and is practiced in the most Chinese martial arts to raise pertinacity, endurance and skill.

Both partners in principle do the same exercise, although there can be an attacking and a defending part, whereupon in Wing Chun there never is pure attack and pure defense solitary. So the Daa Saam Sing of Siu Lam Wing Chun can differ a lot to the practice of other styles by its appearance.

daa1 saam3 sing1 is the standardized form of the Roman transcription according to Jyutping Cantonese.
Further notations: Da Sam Sing

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Maximilian Kraft

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