Ci Sau

Ci Sau

The Ci Sau (黐手, Sticky Hands) is an elementary component to develop the correct body posture, tension and dynamics. Nowadays, as a first step, we practice the generic Ci Sau of the Jip Man Family of the branch of Sifu Sam Lau and the traditional Ci Sau of the Tang Family.

Fung Siu Cing was teacher amongst others of Tang Syun and Yuen Kai San. Tang Syun taught the Ci Sau to his son Tang Yik, Yuen Kau Sai taught the Ci Sau to Jip Man.

Ci Sau means sticky hands and complies to the Pushing Hands practice of Tai Chi.

Jip Chun, the son of Jip Man, in his book "Wing Chun Kung Fu" writes the following about the Ci Sau:

  • Ci Sau is a very important part of Wing Chun
  • One can almost say that if someone is not good in Ci Sau, his Wing Chun will not be good
  • Students of Wing Chun have to develop sensitivity and correct skills, and this is why Ci Sau is practiced
  • It enables both partners to learn the basics of the martial art, without violating each other

Ip Chun and Michael Tse, Wing Chun Kung Fu, 1998, St. Martin's Griffin, New York, Page 121,
ISBN: 0-312-18776-9

The following video shows Alex and Max while practicing the Ci Sau in the Park

ci1 sau2 is the standardized form of the Roman transcription according to Jyutping Cantonese.
Further notations: Chi Sao, Chi Sau

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