Training Concept

In the classical sense, there are no degrees of students, teachers and masters. We pursue a common goal, namely to learn the Wing Chun.

Since everyone in class has the opportunity to practice Wing Chun and to learn, no seminars are provided. It is trained in training pants, t-shirts and lightweight sneakers, there is no need to take the delivery of merchandising articles. We simply work. We are independent.

Overview of the Training Content


  • Siu Lam Wing Chun forms, partner exercises, wooden dummy, long pole training, free fighting with Wing Chun
  • Advanced Wing Chun curriculum corresponding to the training contents of the Tang family, and the combined Wing Chun curriculum of the families Chu, Lo, Tam and Tang (Dai Dak Lan Curriculum)
  • Developing structure and full physical strength
  • Concentration and discipline

Mou Dak (武德)

  • The virtues of the peaceful Warrior

Theory and Practice

  • Chan (Sin / Zen) - Meditation
  • 18 bridge hands (Kiu Sau)
  • 6.5 (Luk Dim Bun)
  • Knowledge - courage - life - force - spirit
  • Form - meaning - principle - law - art
  • Coordination of hand - eye - body - hip - foot
  • Wing Chun Kyun
  • Zong Kyun
  • Soeng Gung
  • Muk Jan Zong
  • Ci Sau
  • Daa Saam Sing
  • Two Man Sets
  • Luk Dim Bun Gwan
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