Start of the New Season 2016/2017

On 5 September 2016 the new season starts with a new allocation of the trainings contents. To respond even more effectively in Wing Chun to the needs of our students and to provide a better targeted support to their personal way of martial arts, we brought the program more into line of our students needs.

Together with Max Kraft as another teacher on my side, we part the lessons and are able to respond to the person subjectively.

Also, in the field of kids training, Max Kraft, as an educated Budo Pedagogue and Scientist of Education, has already successfully offered elementary courses for preschoolers. He further will head this field this year. So also in our school new classes for kids are established and there are groups for the 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12 years old kids. Here is important for us to transmit moral values and the early detection of conflict situations, to be able to avoid them skillfully.

Also the field of Chi Kung has been extended. So there are new courses in our school, besides the ones at the senior meeting places who are likely joined by numerous seniors. These are offered on two afternoons by our Chi Kung teacher Bettina Pela as sets of 10 sessions. In Chi Kung also as in Kung Fu, it is a matter of frequent and continuous exercising. The new courses will take place on two afternoons additionally to the already existing Chi Kung for our Kung Fu students. Registration to the new Chi Kung classes is required.

As the first and independent school for Siu Lam Wing Chun in Germany und as the first and independent school for Weng Chun in Berlin (2007) we are looking forward to the new season 2016/2017.

After the summer break, we are happy to see you all again and our best regards

Max Kraft, Bettina Pela und Peter Scholz

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