Bettina Pela

Bettina Pela

I exercise Chi Kung and Wing Chun since many years. Thereby quite different persons where my teachers. Since a number of years I guide groups by myself in Chi Kung in our free school and elsewhere in Berlin.

From my practice as a teacher I attained the insight that my best teachers in Chi Kung are my students. The many different persons at an age from between 20 and 86, with their personal affairs and destiny have a so enriching effect and let all the exercises appear in the various facets.

Today I watch with sincere respect and happiness that some of my students of Chi Kung stout-hearted have been outgrown themselves and me.

About me

  • born in the year of the dragon 1964
  • lived in the East, West, North and South, and today in Berlin
  • educated in school, diverse professions and study
  • worked mostly in the social sphere

I like to share my knowledge.

Bettina Pela

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