Sap Baat Lo Hon

Die Pfeile schießen

Lo Hon (羅漢) is the Chinese translation of Arhat. According to a story these were the enlightened students of Buddha Gautama. To honor 18 (十八, Sap Baat) of them these exercises for health, vitality and longevity were named the 18 Lo Hon hands.

The sequence of the 18 Lo Hon hands

  • to raise the sky
  • to send the arrow
  • to pick the stars
  • to move the head in circles
  • the punches
  • the carrousel
  • to carry the moon
  • to nurture the kidneys
  • three levels to ground
  • the dancing crane
  • to carry the mountain
  • to draw a knife
  • to show the
  • to bear the claws
  • to push the mountains
  • to divide the water
  • the great windmill
  • the deep crouch
  • to turn the knee
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