When Schools Fall Like Foliage From A Tree

Kung Fu is no product and no service

… then it is fall for the „Eternal Spring“.

Schools fall like leaves from the family tree of this martial art, which wasn't ought to be taught to everybody, nor to make profit out of it.

To live for the opening of more schools and to sell training systems and uniformed training clothes in order to make a living is an affront against the root idea of the martial art of Siu Lam Wing Chun (“Eternal Spring”). For that there is already the clothing industry and the retail sale.

It is in Germany even prohibited to call the martial art by the name that is used by the members of the Chu family and the Tang family and all teachers and students worldwide. This is because trademark protection and franchise systems exist.
German patriarchs are generating brands which is legitimate because of the trademark law.

„The brand, once known by the term trademark – is a special sign protected by trademark law, which serves to distinguish goods or services from one company from the goods and services of other companies. Frequently the brands are marked with a ® (when the brand is officially registered, that is it's registered sucessfully in at least one of the national brand directory) or ™ (trademark – tells nothing about the status of a registration but only about the use of the brand in business connections). A brand that doesn't belong to a product but to a service is called ServiceMark, sign.

Trademark law is similar to patents and copyright also intellectual property (also known as immaterial monopole rights).“¹

People who are or were part of an association and understand the franchise structures recognise the weaknesses and problems that can be caused by the concession sale.

The result of franchise companies is always that loyalty is bought, so there are frequent breakups with the franchisor. But spacial separation doesn't necessarily mean conceptual separation, so that former franchisees often start the same concept with a different name.

The inevitable expression of separation of me and not-me is therefor dispute, fight, outlawing, hostility, violence and war. On the base of this concept it's possible that people or institutions – not seeing their inseparable connection with the others – put their own mostly short-term and hardly vital needs over those of millions, even billions of other humans and living beings. They behave in a way that is ultimately destroying their own livelihood. It is immanent in the logic of the differentiated “I” that it's destroying ultimately itself. Just this marks the suffering of the world today. […] Our fundamental not-knowing about ourselves (and the world), our disappointment about ourselves and I-illusion shows itself, referring to the teachings of Buddha, mentally especially as greed (lobha), hate (dosa) and dazzlement (avijja). Greed means: to-want-to-possess, hate: not-to-want-to-possess and dazzlement: illusion and ignorance about ourselves and about the truth of reality. These three poisons of the spirit are according to Buddha the sources, from where the suffering of us and the world concretely emerges from.“²

Then we have to ask ourselves: Am I creating more of that or am I going another way?

„The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, but expecting different results“ (Albert Einstein)

Why are we not part of an association?

Berlin siu lam wing chun pai means: the Berlin school for Siu Lam Wing Chun. We are this since 2010. We are a free, independent and self-responsible school. According to the “Duden” (a german lexicon) the definition of an association is the causal combination of ideas. I distance myself clearly from everybody that tries to create the brand “Siu Lam Wing Chun” to use it for commercial purpose. 

Who is allowed to wield the designation “Siu Lam Wing Chun Pai”?

Siu Lam Wing Chun Pai (少林永春派) is the name of the teachers and students in Dai Dak Lan in the 40s of the 20th century. “Pai” means “clique, school, group”. Not a school like the institution but like a group of a“certain artistic or scientific way, that goes out from a master, a capacity and that is represented by its students“³/⁴. Here the artistic and scientific way shows itself through the Curriculum.

What curriculum is considered „Siu Lam Wing Chun“?

The families in Dai Dak Lan agreed on a common curriculum which should ensure a fast and effective path of learning and at the same time transmit a complete Wing Chun.

  1. Wing Chun Kyun (Eternal Spring Fist, Tang Family)
  2. Saam Baai Fat Sau (Three Bows Buddha Hand, Lo Family)
  3. Muk Jan Zong (Wooden Dummy, Chu Chun Man)
  4. Zong Kyun (Stake Fist, Chu Chun Man and Tang Family)
  5. Luk Dim Bun Gwan (6.5 Longpole, Tang Family)

Berlin Siu Lam Wing Chun Pai

According to the agreement of the teachers and students in Dai Dak Lan, a commercialization should not happen.

I follow this commitment through my personal and honest promise towards my teacher Michael Tang (Tang Chun Pak).

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