Kung Fu Corner Berlin

Kung Fu Corner Berlin

On the 3rd of May we've met once again in the Kung Fu Corner to train, have a barbecue and to chat.

Every Saturday when the weather is fine, the free training will take place in the Kung Fu Corner in Volskspark Friedrichshain.

Everybody who is interested, beginners or advanced pupils of Wing Chun and other Kung Fu styles are invited to train together.

When we can accept, free of constraints, that there are as many ideas about what Wing Chun as there are practitioners we can foster and develop the peaceful cooperation between the Wing Chun families. Likewise we always like to make contacts with other Kung Fu families and to train together. Doing that we follow the basic rule that there shouldn't be much talking about the differences but to try to create a base for common training where exercises from the own school are practiced and applied. Foreign exercises should not be imposed.

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